The Signs That You Found Yourself Inside a Great Cocktail Bar


There are more than handful of cocktail bars in this city and that usually means you won’t be running out of drinking options for the moment. However, it’s not every day that come to a bar and be easily impressed by it. In fact, only one out of five cocktail bars you find yourself in will most likely leave a lasting impression.

So, what are the qualities or signs that make a great cocktail bar in Birmingham?

First, if you see that the bartender or whoever it is assigned to prepare the food and drinks inside is putting in the extra effort to make every glass or bottle or plate look enticing, then you’re certainly in a great place. Only a few will go the extra mile to give a good presentation because all the rest don’t really care how cocktails look, so long as they taste the same.

Furthermore, if a bar has some historical significance in it, like for instance it has been operating for over a century now, then that’s a good sign that generations of drinkers patronize it for some reason. It could be because of its lineup of cocktails and drinks that have stood the test of time or maybe the place is just full of history that it already has become part of tradition for every resident or tourist to come visit at least once in their lives.

Also, a great cocktail bar obviously does not only serve cocktails. If you are impressed with nothing but a long list of cocktail varieties, then you have a long way to go. For a bar to be distinguished from the rest, it needs to have a decent list of well-cultivated spirits. Remember that bars are all about the booze and the one serving with the widest range of options is the king.

You likewise can consider a cocktail bar great once you come back a couple of months after your first visit and find out that there’s a whole new menu. The best bartenders in the best cocktail bar birmingham know how important it is so offer seasonal drinks to its patrons. Remember, it’s not just all about a handful of drinks served all year round. The dare to experiment separates the best from the rest.

While there are so many cocktail bars birmingham to choose from, you surely will get the best experience if you know how to identify the great ones over those average bars.

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